I started out as an actor, but I love to travel and with my trusty guitar and I’ve been through quite a few until now, I’ve seen many parts of the world and hope to see many more. Life is for living and adventure is worth its weight in gold, mind you a bit of gold is always useful. Most of my life I’ve spent away from London, from singing in Greece to China and the rest of Asia and Australia, Mexico, Scandinavia to name a few. I lived in the south of France for many years and played in the Alps for 11 seasons.

I always take requests and with a repertoire that covers classic rock to pop to rock n’ roll to blues, Irish songs, singalongs and ballads, I can normally cover most of them, if not I can always do them next week.

I’ve also been writing a lot recently, amazingly after all these years I am finding it easy to write songs. I have finally finished my first proper original Cd called ‘Inner Space and Time’, which if you are reading this you may already possess

Also check out my original song videos, ‘My Telephone‘, ‘Working for the Man‘, ‘Money in your Pocket, and ‘Summertime Song‘. Hope to see you sometime.